How To Do SEO For Your Small Business

How To Do SEO For Your Small Business

SEO can help businesses get in front of their target market. So many small businesses fail because of lack of potential customers and being in front of the right audience. SEO, or Search engine optimization, is the practice of improving your website’s visibility in search engine results, which ultimately leads to more quality traffic to your site.

There are now countless SEO agencies and professionals to be found, all claiming that they know the secret tips and tricks to get your page noticed. While it’s true there are things that the professionals are certainly better at, that doesn’t mean there aren’t small business SEO practices that you can put into play for yourself.

We’re here to take a look at the debate of whether you should hire someone to do your SEO or if there are things you can do for yourself. With a few tips and tricks you can try for your own SEO small business needs, you’ll be able to grow your site’s visibility without spending too much of your budget.

Hiring An Agency Vs Doing It Yourself

There’s no doubt that a professional SEO expert will have the tools necessary to help grow your business online, but sometimes we just can’t afford the costs involved. When you’re just starting your business you might not have the spare cash to invest in SEO, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected.

Agency looking at SEO with a client

When compared to the other costs of online marketing such as PPC campaigns, SEO is relatively cheap to do, and especially because there are so many things you can do for yourself. As your brand grows, though, you might have the need to outsource your SEO work elsewhere as you focus on growing the business even further, and that is when it’s ideal to do so.

The Small Business SEO Practices That You Can Try

Whether you’re completely new to the world of SEO or have a little background knowledge, there are some easy ways you can start to implement its practices for your small business.

It’s essential to have a working, informative, updated, and interesting website that you’ll work on building traffic to. Then you can begin to develop strategies that will bring visitors to it.

Write For Your User

As we have always heard before "content is king". There is a good reason for that. Not only is good content great for your reader, it's also great for search engines. Search engines want to show the most factual and relevant result to a user. 

Your writing should be easy to read and understandable- meaning don't write over people's heads. You want to write so anyone can easily read it. 

Write A Blog

With a blog you are able to write about what people are searching for. If you focus on a topic and a keywords, you writing will be more focused. The power of a quality blog is often overlooked, but it’s something that can have a huge effect on your search results.

Blogs should be professionally written, offer the reader something insightful and factual, and have rich content that people will genuinely be interested in reading. Not only will it help to bring loyal readers back to your site but it will be filled with organic keywords that relate to the type of business you run. 

Social Media Marketing

Too many people think that social media can simply replace a solid SEO policy when in actual fact it should be running alongside it. Create your social media accounts to look and feel like your website to create a cohesive brand.

Your social media accounts needs to be current and checked on regularly. Social media by nature is social so when people comment, make sure they are acknowledged and answer back if they ask questions. You can actually build a good rapport with customers through social media.

Use your social media to link to your website but don’t simply spam followers with the links. Use these accounts to share insightful and useful content including white papers, video links, and free offers.

Help Others By Guest Posting

When creating content for your blog or social media, don’t just fill it with your own information or links back to your own page. Make an effort to link out to other authority sites or those businesses similar to yours, and you might find that people are happy to repay the favor and help you build traffic back to your site as well.

The Importance Of SEO

Although there are always discussions about whether or not SEO is dead, it appears that nothing could be further from the truth. Investing time and money in SEO is a risk that will pay off exponentially and should be viewed not only as a marketing tactic but also as a way to build your brand’s image.

Seo brainstorming.

Too many people assume they have to spend thousands hiring an SEO expert when all they receive is someone who implements a few strategies and leaves the rest to you. SEO guidelines and Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, so you need a dedicated approach to growing your search engine rankings.

SEO is cost-effective, it won’t be changing anytime soon, and you can guarantee that your competitors are doing it, so there’s no reason you should be left behind.

To begin your SEO practices you can get started on some of the above techniques, and when it’s time to hand the reigns over to a professional you’ll have a good idea about your company’s online profile regardless.

No matter the size of your business or how long it’s been running, it’s near impossible to be successful these days without a serious online presence. SEO is the simplest and most trackable way to build business for yourself provided the content that you share and post is informative and engaging.